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  • ARRANGØR: Bærum Kulturhus og CODA International Dance Festival

    CODASeminar // Hip hop and The Stage

    Nordic and international perspective


    This seminar is free. To register please collect ticket HERE.

    Urban dance and hip hop is the most contemporary dance there is, it is a fugitive art form, yet it is still restricted in the realm of contemporary dance. Contemporary dance is reserved for art forms operating inside certain exclusive contexts, e.g. institutional theatres.

    What kind of frictions emerge? What kind of possibilities do we have?

    This seminar will be streamed live on Bærum Kulturhus' facebook pages from 15.40

    "Hip hop on the stage in Norway" // 15:45-17:00

    - Sigrid Øvreås Svendal, moderator
    - Chriz Nypan
    - Belinda Braza
    - Mathias Budtz
    - Maria Ima Karlsen

    "Hip hop on the stage and political aspects - International view" // 17:30-18:45

    - Belinda Braza, moderator
    - Anne Nguyen
    - Thomas Talawa Prestø
    - Sean Graham

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